Best Cheap 15 Inch Gaming Laptop under 1000 dollars

When you are looking for something really special and amazing, I thing you could take this Best Cheap 15 Inch Gaming Laptop under 1000 dollars for consideration. All the features are so great for gamers. The specially designed keys are for precise control and the black color is so eye-catching when you are using it. The laptop is blazing fast and can last longer than you think. It is an amazing product under 1200 dollars.

Best Cheap 15 Inch Gaming Laptop under 1000 dollars

Best Laptop Under 1000 :If paying a few minutes looking over this post, you will believe it is can provide you with much more fast cheap gaming laptops under $1000 in comparison with wandering around available in the market aimlessly.


Best Cheap 15 Inch Gaming Laptop under 1000 dollarsSUPREME PROCESSOR: One supreme processor means that the higher capacity the laptop get. With Intel Cori i7-4720HQ, this product could provide you more than you think. The main frequency of the processor is about 2.6 GHz. In addition, the speed of task dealing is so fast and efficient. You will never find any delay on the procedure..

LARGE MEMORY SPACE: The RAM of this item is about 16 Gigabyte. With the large memory space, you could do any tasks and the transferring of all the data and media is so fast and so smoothly for the process. ASUS GL551JW gives you more freedom when you are at your works, enjoying the entertainment.

SUPREME VIDEO PROCESSOR: It is so important to have a supreme video processor for a gaming laptop. It is vital to guarantee the action pictures and high contrast images that displayed on the screen. The NVIDA GeForce 960M could handle all the tasks and perform steadily all the time. No matter you are in the games or in the movies, the supreme video card surely gives you a best experience.

HIGH RESOLUTION: The screen of ASUS GL551JW 15-Inch Gaming Laptop is about 15.6 inches with 1920*1080 pixels. The high resolution of the display works just perfectly with the supreme video processor. Moreover, the screen is LED-lit, which is more energy saving.


COLOR LIMITED: This product only gives you a option of one black color for your choice. If you are just into other color like light blue or other colors, it may be perfect for you, but ASUS GL551JW may as well just works for you.


I just find the ASUS laptop for a long time searching on the webs and in the stores. The memory storage of this item is so great for me. And the cooling techs in ASUS is much better than any other laptops. BY Roxanne L. Miller

I bought this gaming laptop for about 2 days, and I find it amazing fast with Intel Core i7. Another great feature is the 128 GB SSD storage space. I just love this product. BY Anne G. Gottfried

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